Web 2.0 has been the magic solution to finally enable communities of millions of people from all over the world to function as one organized unit. Like it or not, this has changed the way we talk forever. 

Helping students and businesses as an organizational marketing leader and university professor, I have to be aware of the ever most changing world that is around me. Every day new things arise that could potentially change my life. Whether it be politics and new legislation, the advancement of technology or simply life’s misfortunes (or fortunes, as I won a free pizza from throwing my business card in a fishbowl yesterday) the only thing we can count on in this space is constant and rapid change for the foreseeable future.

Why It Matters

Social has made viral media possible where some of these topics can alter hords of people’s’ buying decisions, news stories now have an impact on our ability to influence causes, and even having a sudden impact on our personal lives making someone famous or infamous in less than 24 hours.  When applied to business, it is a constant part of the current reality and the urgency to monitor our brand and image on social can mean life or death to a business.  Consumers and clients participate with organizations  that respect them, where their opinions are heard giving organizations an unique opportunity to engage with them and have a transparent, multi directional relationship. Free, easy to use digital publish tools (such as WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) have allowed thousands of users who write whatever they want, comment on any post, share anything and openly discuss an organization’s policies for better or worse.

To be effective in this new world of digital platforms, the rules of the old school of one sided marketing no longer apply.  Customers and clients are sharing feedback on businesses at alarming rate and one bad customer interaction can be shared across the globe in a matter of days or even hours.

Remember, social media is a living thing. Harnessing it in B2C, B2B and even B2G is is just part of any responsible marketing strategy.

Social Media and Business