Email Marketing

Email Marketing

From highly curated content emails and campaigns, to new business and lead generation, we cover it all in-between.

Whether you’re in customer service, social media, banking or the automotive industry, create a list of the best content you’ve read and share it through email to your subscribers with links to this content. In doing so, you’re delivering value without being self-promotional.

  • Cold Leads Communications with 50% open rates / 10% replies
  • Prospect List Communications with 40% open rates / 25% click rates and up to 10% replies / 5% conversions
  • Existing Customer Management from new product launch Campaigns, Newsletters, Company Announcements
  • Invites to Events  & Webinars
  • Use to Share Original Content such as Blogs, Whitepapers and eBooks
  • Email Campaigns

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Copy Writing, Email List Management, Content Development, Sales and Promotional

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